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OČI KOJE TE VOLE, dokumentarni film

EYES THAT LOVE YOU, documentary

(own production)


This is a story about a noble and responsible decision - to foster a child. There are many questions: what does it mean to be a foster parent; why to foster a child; how is growing up in a institution compared to growing up in a family? The film brings the experiences of foster parents, fostered persons and experts, explains why children are separated from their families and what consequences this has on them, and what are the long-term consequences of children staying in an institution. Those who grew up in foster families speak about that, foster parents too, who talk about their doubts and fears. Parents who left their children to institutions and other families for care will also tell their stories. The expected completion time of the film is December, 2024.

ZABLUDE O ISUSU, dokumentarni film


(own production)


A documentary in Croatian-Irish co-production that reveals the most common delusions, wrong beliefs and teachings of traditional, but also modern churches and religions, about who Jesus was, whether he even existed and what historical evidence and facts say about him, which has a huge impact on our life and our beliefs. Scientists and theologians from Croatia and Ireland speak in the film. The expected completion time of the film is December 2025.

BOG KOJI GOVORI, dokumentarni film

The God Who Speaks (2018)

(American production)


The God Who Speaks is a film that follows the evidence for the authority of the Bible through interviews with some of the world's most respected biblical scholars. This film answers common objections to the reliability of the Bible.

NA NJEGOVU SLIKU, dokumentarni film

In His Image (2020) 

(American production)


This is a film that speaks with compassion and clarity, and through powerful personal testimonies, about biblical teaching and scientific evidence on the topic of sexual orientation and gender change.

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