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Since the beginning of the 1990s, as individuals, we have been working on various jobs in the video and audio industry, in Croatia and around the world.


As external collaborators, we cooperated with several agencies and world-famous companies, of which we single out Coca-Cola HBC Croatia, for which we filmed and produced more than 30 corporate films and reports including a film about Coca-Cola socially responsible business in Croatia, which is also the first Coca-Cola film since they have been present on the Croatian market.


For the past 18 years, we have been cooperating with many foreign production and television companies, and we have edited and shown on televisions throughout Croatia and the former Yugoslavia 35 foreign short and feature-length documentaries, 30 episodes of a docu-series about successful American businessmen (Secrets of Success), and over 450 episodes of various foreign shows that still have permanent showings on TV.

Life around us motivates us to deal with current topics, often those that no one wants to deal with, and which are necessary for a better and more just society.

It's a thorny but glorious road.


However, realizing that film has a huge impact on the society around us, we want to use film to change people's prejudices and bring about change in the society in which we live.


Each of our films has meaning, purpose and goal. We go deep and wide into the subject we are investigating, bringing the truth, whatever it may be.


Our films are shown on international film festivals and Croatian national TV - HRT and other regional televisions, but also publicly throughout Croatia, from the east of Croatia (Vukovar and Vinkovci), all the way to the south (Split and Dubrovnik), also in Bosnia and Herzegovina and for free on the Internet.

Here is the success of our films at international film festivals:

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Lj. Gaja 7

31 431 Čepin

phone: 095 826 44 23



OIB 48454992015


IBAN  HR8524840081106715663


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