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Daniel Rafaelić

film historian

and film critic


About our documentary

The Storm Of The Soul


"I am amazed by its visual rhetoric, film literacy, great camera and editing. You have managed to insert into an often non-filmic narrative a visual delight that so finely, rhythmically, accompanies the story. The film has no unnecessary narrative straits, the use of archives is with measure and always in the function of the story... I think you managed to convey an extremely important topic without a grain of melodrama, so common in this type of film."

Boško Picula

film critic


About our documentary

I'd like to tell you…


"Congratulations on your film! Impressive, sincere and visually great work. The film is a solid combination of a well-chosen theme, the way of its realization and universally understandable messages drawn through a personal story and with a particularly successful use of expressive means, from filming to editing. I am convinced that the film has festival potential."

Zoran Milanović

President of the

Republic of Croatia


About our documentary

1991 Who is your neighbor?


"I often watch great BBC documentaries with my family, but I have never seen anything like this.

Kudos to you! Congratulations!"

Neven Hitrec

film director


About our documentary

Storm Of The Soul


"Not a happy topic at all, but a topic that was made emotionally and very suggestively. That's why that film was given the honor of officially opening the 1st Review of Documentary Films on the Homeland War, which took place in Novska in 2019."

Josip Grozdanić

film critic


About our documentary

Storm Of The Soul


"A work that seems much more professionally and expensively produced than it actually is.

An efficient and unobtrusively aestheticized film."

Vatroslav Župančić



About our documentary

Storm Of The Soul


"The film Storm Of The Soul, with its high-quality director's production, is a great contribution to the Croatian documentary film about the Homeland War and the transmission of the truth to the world about what happened here in the nineties of the last century. The film, without embellishment but without melodrama, presents real problems brought about by post-war and everyday life."

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